Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, in the event of cancellation of the insurance contract, the insurer or insurance underwriter may refund a proportion of the premium paid, if any, provided always that no claim has been made and subject to deduction for costs and expenses incurred in the placement of the insurance cover, including but not limited to SmartWeh commission, fees, and expenses.


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Here’re some of our customer reviews

  • Naina Nurina
    Terbaik boss...tq,dh submit...jimatkan masa sgt2 hnya tggu smpai depan ruman ja...pstu free tuk quotation bg roadtax n insuran...mmg berbaloi..
    Naina Nurina
  • Muhamad Wafa Muhamad Rashidi
    Servis Terbaik, mudah, dan tidak perlu buang masa. Cuma Klik semua selesai, memang terbaik smartweh
    Muhamad Wafa Muhamad Rashidi
  • Naura Amira
    Sy dah buat...terbaik bosss!!! Hrga pon berpatutan. Mantap
    Naura Amira
  • Ahmed Ali
    Salam....insuran dan R/Tax dapat renew dengan pantas. Terbaik.
    Ahmed Ali
  • Nana Alyna
    Terbaik servis! Up
    Nana Alyna
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